Wilbur Curtis

- gnarly 6th grader
- formerly known as "Wilbur the Incongruous"
- smokes the spesh
- smokes only the spesh
- really has it in for narcs and fascists
- reportedly willing to buy and sell anything
- way too young to buy papers, so he has taken to smoking tobacco out of his closed fist
- this has come to be called "The Wilbur Curtis Maneuver"
- failed every class except for gym class, health class, and home economics
- purportedly had an excellent grade in shop class until he presented an unsmokeable wooden bong as his final project in place of the assigned birdhouse
- his head is a strange shape for a head
- has no hair on his head except for eyebrows
- conspicuously serious for a child of his tender age
- favorite hobby is fucking with Derek and also Daniel
- Wilbur Curtis reminds Sid of himself as a sixth grader
- ergo Sid thinks he's kind of cool and let's him hang around with them at the gas station from time to time
- always eats the entire school lunch, including the mushy rotini
- his lungs are in pretty bad shape
- may or may not have seen Cecil Richards
- Wilbur Curtis is also on good terms with Dog Tom, who considers Wilbur Curtis a protégé of sorts

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