Tuggler and Son (T&S, D.D.S)

- Dentistry practice owned by Dr. Ken Tuggler, co-owned by Dr. Dunsk.
- Through a stroke of legal genius/luck, Tuggler turned a malpractice lawsuit into an out-of-court settlement which paid him an undisclosed amount
- favorite drugs include Valium, Viagra, Vicodin, and a general vitriol and virility that permeate the air around him
- nominally speaking, Tuggler is a dentist
- because this practice is the only medical practice in the county, it is also used as a general walk-in clinic of sorts
- Tuggler's office is located in the back of the building, and nobody knows what is inside
- Tuggler is rarely seen within the building but has also never been seen outside of it
- seeing as Tuggler has no children, it is a bit confusing as to why his practice is named "Tuggler and Son"
- it is unclear as to whether Tuggler believes Dr. Dunsk to be his son or not
- the building is also most likely the residence of Dr. Dunsk

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