The Cracked Rocks Trailer Park

- A local trailer park where the infamous local rap legend Chuck Flawless made his last stand
- It is named after a big pile of rocks which is in the center of the park
- Contains approximately 20 trailers in total
- Danger Aaron lives in Cracked Rocks but doesn't have a trailer. He goes too hard to settle down like that
- He does, however, have a designated parking spot for his van when he needs to sleep
- Heinous Andy spends a lot of time mowing lawns in the park and hoping that somebody will pay him for it
- Cracked Rocks is also home to Chuck's one-time apprentice Phenom, who hopes to restore it to its former glory
- Many other figures of modest repute reside there, such as the ball-tossing Pitchin' Pete and the always-horny Big Tony Honkers
- Business from the denizens of Cracked Rocks constitutes 90% of the revenue taken in by the gas station
- Holds national record for largest volume of lite beer consumed per square foot
- Rumor has it that Doyle was once a resident of Cracked Rocks
- The park really hasn't been the same since Chuck died and everyone knows it

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