The Toll Booths

- on the New York State border, Doot peacefully tends his toll booth
- a really loud place to be but also pretty lonely
- because all of the noise is from cars and not people
- nobody knows where the people of the toll booth live or sleep
- everyone who works at the toll booths has at least one thing that prevents them from integration into society
- the only one who seems to be capable of speech is Doot
- marks the eastern edge of Cloumbus County
- bustling hub of Clombus county drug trade since no state employees higher up want to go out to the toll booths to deal with it
- a majority of the purchasing clientele are also state employees
- an inscription above the tolls reads "I too was created by eternal love"
- nobody understands the meaning of the incription or knows who wrote it
- Sid and co. also sometimes chill with Doot on the side of the highway
- Moira used to work at the toll booths but she left because it's so loud and her life was already desolate enough without having to sit around on the highway

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