The Railroad Tracks

- Trains sometimes pass through but not that often
- The tracks are within the floodplain of the county
- This means that for most of the spring season and well into the summer, the tracks are completely obsolete
- Great place to get mosquito bites and see spiders
- Gets dark and terrifying at night
- One time Devin Blitzin convinced Keith Windowface to kill a dog out there
- Devin is both greasy and creepy in alarming excess
- He wears the same oily socks and black sweatshirt every day
- Sid remembers him as being mostly normal when they were in first grade together, but it's been a while
- Devin never leaves him mom's basement anymore
- He spends his days concocting vengeful plans and sinking further into delusion
- One day he realized his own body was simply too weak to actualize the impossible evil that he felt (and continues to feel) in the pit of his bowels
- Has a lot of other bowel problems too
- He tricked Keith Windowface into being his friend
- Before Keith realized what was happening, they were standing over the corpse of a stray dog on the railroad tracks
- Keith, being the sole possessor of a conscience betwixt the twain, was mortified and desolate; Devin, on the other hand, was not
- The dog's body ended up down at Hemlock Ledge
- Devin now plots away endlessly in his basement, slowly becoming more a being of pure filth and dandruff than a human by anyone's standards
- Keith is what any adult would call a nice boy, similar to Daniel
- Adults are wrong about many such things, but this is not one of them
- Keith really didn't mean to do anything wrong
- Has been wracked with a sense of all-consuming guilt ever since Devin Blitzen involved him in this malicious plot
- On the fateful night of the murder, Pope Randy, who was only about five miles away in the abandoned church, was racked with bowel pain from dusk until dawn

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