The Lake

- peaceful and cool during the day but terrifying at night
- conveniently located very close to the local gas station, a purveyor of an inexpensive alcoholic beverage called "Mountain Brew"
- thus, it is naturally a favorite spot for the consumption of "Mountain Brew"
- Flat Sid doesn't spend that much time at the Lake
- the lake is frequently the designated site of miscellaneous local drug deals and high school sex parties
- Davvus and Doyle chill at the lake on a nightly basis
- higher rate of crimes per square foot than the city of Philadelphia if you count the suburbs
- there is a big old lifeguard chair on the sand at the lake
- a sign on the back reads "#2 in Safety, #1 in drownings"
- that's a D from the health inspector
- Cleetus often tries to jack off at the lake, but never to any avail
- all of the paint has peeled off and the chair itself is beginning to rot away
- just like most of the nearby houses

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