The Keyboard Ghost

- The Keyboard Ghost first manifested when Danny Blampton and his cool friends went to explore an abandoned mansion and possibly have a sex party there
- While exploring, Blampton and co. stumbled upon him jamming in the living room on an upright piano
- This scared the shit out of Blampton and his posse of horny teens, leading them to flee the scene
- Thus incident proved rather damningly that Blampton is at the end of the day a fuckboy and a bygone; most people don't know Blampton's secret, but the Keyboard Ghost certainly does
- Furthermore, the Keyboard Ghost was somewhat offended by their lack of interest in his art, and was thus disturbed from his purgatorial position in front of said piano
- He wandered plaintively into the woods, and after some timefound a kindred spirit in the figure of the charismatic Pope Randy, with whom he jammed during Rando's brief stay in Cloumbus County
- Now that Randog has departed in pursuit of more canine converts (following the events of Popeday), Keyboard Ghost jams alone on the organ of the abandoned woodland church and lies in wait for a new potential collaborator

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