The Graveyard

- only place in Cloumbus County where Cleetus has ever had an orgasm
- named an official county heritage site, though not for this reason
- 8th president of the United States Martin Van Buren is buried there
- also home to many less notable but equally dead people
- Van Buren and Cleetus' Grandfather have stone mausoleums in the center of The Graveyard
- one can often see the Heckler hanging around the fence of the graveyard, heckling mourners, stoners, and everyone in between
- Flat Sid and co. often smoke spliffs atop of Van Buren's mausoleum while Cleetus intermittently jacks off behind the other one
- another lesser-known American president, Chester A. Arthur, is buried in the next county over
- under the invocation of a principle resembling something like "birthright," the county launched an expensive campaign to exhume his corpse in order to re-bury it here
- the campaign failed and has subsequently put the county into a debt that, according to calculations, it will take them the next 500 years to pay off
- possible home of Jim Chrust, who is frequently spotted within its bounds performing acts of unspeakable lewdness and filth
- voted the graveyard with the highest number of anonymous/mass graves per square foot
- thousands flock there year-round to mock the dead
- Derek and Flat Sid will drive back there sometimes to smoke a lil spesh and eat cheeseburgers
- And talk about how later, they're gonna go out and get more cheeseburgers

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