The Golf Course

- There are two golf courses in Cloumbus County, the good one and this one
- The good golf course is located within the walls of the county's sole country club, of which Danny Blampton's father is the chairman of the board
- This golf course has never been traversed in its entirety, and most of what is technically considered part of the course is actually wooded land
- Built on extremely hilly land
- Possibly more than 18 holes, possibly fewer than 9
- Tons of busted up old golf carts litter the fields
- The identity of the property owner is unknown
- The golf course is maintained and operated by a lewd and lascivious man named Pervish Ervin
- Pervish Ervin can only be spotted at night, when he wanders the ground intermittently jacking his dick and howling obscenely
- Only place other than the graveyard where Cleetus can jack off, though he has never achieved orgasm there
- Doyle is a frequent user of the golfing facilities, largely because they have no policy on open liquor, open carry of firearms, and don't have a cover charge

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