The Gas Station

- a centerpoint of the small plaza which includes T&S, DDS, Davvus Home Entertainment, Benina's, The Jockey Grand Palace and the office of Jacques Mé
- thin film of grime covering every surface
- used to be called the 9-11
- following the events of september 2001, the name had to be changed
- in the deluge of patriotism that followed, the gas station was renamed "the American Eagle"
- colors are still the same green and orange
- despite the patriotic sentiments, there wasn't enough money for a patriotic paintjob
- aside from the one on the owner's car
- bathroom door does not lock, which occasionally leads to scandals involving minor public notaries and, more frequently, horny local teens
- the owner is usually chillin in the back room of the mini mart
- shrewd business practice; doesn't fuck around
- used to spend a lot of time trying to chase Sid and co. out from behind his establishment
- but they never listened so after a while he just sort of gave up
- has made many citizen's arrests in his time
- the gas station is the only public place other than the lake where Doyle can be found
- purveyor of the inexpensive alcoholic beverage "mountain brew", which is frequently consumed either on the premises or at the aforementioned lake, which is rather close by

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