The Cove

- The Cove is a seedy bowling alley with a bar inside of it
- The bar's liquor license expired while the USSR was still a superpower
- There is no non-lite Bud at The Cove
- The community of the bowling alley is a sort of strange social club populated by ersatz authority figures like gym teachers and weird uncles
- Narc haven
- Sid has never set foot in The Cove before because he knows that there are tons of narcs there
- Unclear which carpet is more completely stained with bodily fluids, that of The Cove or that of Davvus Home Entertainment
- Whenever Doyle enters The Cove, what the regulars have begun to refer to as "Doyle's Lounge Hour" begins

meanwhile, on an adjacent plane of reality, it's FIST LAD UNIVERSE

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