The Bird Lady

- owns many birds
- looks like a bit like a bird
- her husband looks like a bird
- unknown if she has children, but if she does they almost certainly look like birds
- knows the names and calls of every bird native to the county
- refuses to give names the birds with which she communicates because they aren't their real names
- knows almost everything to know about the local wildlife, including things about non-birds
- spends most of her time wandering around the forest
- lives in a big abandoned textile mill
- it is said that she can be found in the golf course at night, standing on one leg and making sounds not unlike those of a stork or crane
- only person other than the town historian who has any memory of the town more than 40 years ago
- Sid and Cleetus run into her at Hemlock Ledge every now and again
- has also been sighted regularly within the bounds of the graveyard

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