Blue Morton

- Blue Morton is a very large boy
- Has been a senior at Rip Van Winkle High School for a few years now
- Most county residents know that Blue Morton has had a rough time of it
- He is the oldest of six children, all of whom are girls excepting him
- Blue Morton's family lives in a scant shanty right beside the railroad tracks
- His father left for the war when he was still very young, and when he came back he was different
- Now his father eats only microwave meals and is constantly beating his wife and daughters
- Blue Morton decided one day that he would become extremely scary so that he could scare his own dad
- Now his father is very scared of him and won't beat his wife and daughters whenever Blue Morton is home
- His father can't sleep at night because he is afraid Blue Morton will kill him
- Blue Morton compulsively attacks almost every man he meets
- Has never lost a fight in his whole life
- Has never spoken to a girl before outside of his own family
- Blue Morton and Sid seem to share an understanding, as do Blue Morton and Dog Tom
- Mr. Brick is completely terrified of Blue Morton

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