- Ruth is Flat Sid's fucked up dog
- everything is a hassle with Ruth
- Sid's parents are not that okay with Ruth
- this is because she's really mangy and her ribs show through
- wherever she goes she leaves small clumps of thin, wiry hair
- the clumps are beginning to take on the color and consistency of steel wool
- Ruth is way older than most dogs are supposed to be and sid's dad just wants to be done with it
- has a hella limp
- Ruth loves Cleetus and would probably like to fuck him
- Sid smokes with Ruth on a pretty regular basis
- they smoke together so often that Ruth can actually hit the spliff
- she bogarts it all the time though
- often licks her own genitalia
- always down for some good barbeque
- sometimes Ruth gives Cleetus a boner
- Ruth likes to sleep in trashcans
- Sid will absolutely not allow his parents to fuck with Ruth
- As Ruth's health declined, Flat Sid introduced her to the mysterious religious figure Pope Randingo, for whom Sid was a crony
- Ruth was a part of the great Popeday dog exodus
- Flat Sid misses her every day but knows she now rests in bliss

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