- Popeday is the name given to the glorious day of ascension on which Randy lead all the dogs of Cloumbus County up to dog heaven
- It was a cold and gloomy autumn day when Pope Randers rose from the swamp church to bring the chosen ones to dog heaven
- He sounded his gnarly supersonic whistle and all of the flearidden and the downtrodden dogs flocked unto him, of which Sid's dog Ruth was one
- The mangy ensemble formed a wake of stench as the sun rose; Pope Randingo piously lead this chosen flock across the freeway
- They marched out, and away, and up into the yellow brilliance, and were ascended before 10 am
- It happened before most people even woke up
- Randy continues his terrestrial plight, traveling the globe and visiting as many communities of dogs as he can

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