Pope Randy

- Pope Randingus is a wandering holy man who impressed his mark indelibly upon Cloumbus following the events of Popeday
- He's a small man with short little legs
- Tiny little thick legs
- It all began when he wandered across county lines in his tattered robes and met Sid behind The Gas Station
- Sid eventually found out that Randy had converted an abandoned church found in the swamplands into the headquarters for his religious operation
- The wind carried his holy noise across the whole county
- Everyone heard the sonorous wailings of Pope Randingo at some point or another during his brief stay
- Randers is the sole apostle of Dog Heaven
- According to Randus, all humans as well as all dogs are granted access to dog heaven
- That said, he is mainly concerned with ensuring the safe passage of local dogs into this great beyond
- On Popeday, Randy lead a mass exodus of the downtrodden dogs of Cloumbus county
- Randoros was responsible for conducting the soul of Sid's dog Ruth, as well as the souls of many other dogs, into the magnificent hallowed halls of dog heaven on that fateful morning
- Randy maintains a friendly relationship with The Keyboard Ghost, with whom he jammed during his time in Cloumbus leading up to Popeday
- Whenever Randy wanders back through Cloumbus, he generally confines himself to the swamp, unless it's to jam with The Keyboard Ghost

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