- Amateur rapper from Indiana
- Has a slim face, slimmest you've probably ever seen
- Wears a sky-blue tracksuit and white gloves
- Smokes blunts and Camel Turkish Golds
- If you smoke the spesh then Phenom won't talk to you
- During a road trip, initially unremarkable, Phenom encountered Chuck during his what were most likely his final days
- He was inspired by Chuck's example to quit his job and move to Cloumbus in order that he might embark on an illustrious and lucrative career in the rap industry
- Moved into the same trailer park as was lived in by Chuck, Danger Aaron, and Heinous Andy
- Was apprenticed to Chuck for the weeks leading up to Chuck's death, but was ultimately not present at the scene of his passing
- He took Chuck's death hard, has a tattoo of Chuck on his chest that he never shows to anyone
- Consequently, he may be the only person who still knows what Chuck looked like; even most of Chuck's former friends, possessing no photographic evidence that Chuck ever existed, have begun despite themselves to forget the precise details of his appearance
- Rap isn't really going super well for him but he says that he likes it better on the East Coast because at least there are hills
- Employed temporarily at the Gas Station

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