Jockey Grand Palace

- alright so you got a shitty blue car from the 90s
- your strung out as fuck
- you're just driving
- out of new york into ohio
- you see both horizons
- corn everywhere just so much of it
- then the desert
- from there, you're seeing things like pumas run across the road
- you just drive straight into a massive parking lot
- parking lot for miles
- driving through the parking lot until you run into
- the Jockey Grand Palace
- it's the end of high prices!
- its skymall on land
- everything from tacky halloween shit to tacky christmas shit
- all of your tacky shit needs
- you can do that now! in december
- you can do that all years
- you can buy everything from white t-shirts to white underwear
- easter bunny costumes
- designer labels: Lee, Jockey, Joe Boxer
- signature off-brands as well
- aisles upon aisles of cheap boots
- you can buy stuff for your kid here because you hate him
- Flat Sid goes there a lot because the merchandise is constantly changing
- prices always at rock bottom
- popular with people from Cracked Rocks

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