Mr. Diapason

-owns a "small engine repairs" business called Dan's Fans
-he can only do truly small engines, like handheld fans and such
-can't even fix a lawnmower
-has an inferiority complex because of this, which has led him to mow most local lawns, including the High School and the earthy plot outside of Davvus
-it also made him willing to do odd jobs and big favors with no returns for Flat Sid and the gang
-the Boys are always callin him Dipe
-cuz they thought it was pronounced "Mr. Dipe-a-son"
-he corrected them the first few years, but ultimately got self conscious and let it slide
-when they got to know eachother a bit better, Sid took to calling him "Danny Dipes"
-then "The Dipester"
-it escalated to the point where they were always callin him Dipe like every day
-and thats when he started stinkin

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