Mr. Brick

- Mr. Brick's first name is Angus
- Mr. Brick is Sid's gym teacher at Rip Van Winkle High School
- is also the coach of every sports team that the school has and also the faculty sponsor for "aggression club" and "repression club" too
- once told Sid that Sid was his "favorite one to shower with"
- would also not mind taking a shower with Cleetus or Derek
- is mad as hell that kids don't have to shower after gym anymore
- also does this thing where he licks the parts of kids' deodorants that go in their armpits and are really gross and powdery
- favorite food is pulled pork
- has a special barbeque sauce that he puts on everything he cooks
- thinks he's really good at grilling but definitely isn't
- fancies himself to be the rival of Dog Tom in terms of grilling abilities, but Tom pays him no heed
- frequenter of Barb's weekly porch shindigs
- the human version of beef shoulder
- likes the smell of his own farts
- he likes to slip his hand into his pants while he watches sunday night football
- also likes to do the same while watching monday night football
- thinks soccer is for pussies and doesn't think very much of baseball either
- will watch ESPN 2 if soccer is on ESPN 1
- doesn't know how to play poker but likes to watch it on television
- some nights he cries into his hungry man while watching Western movies on TV Land
- they remind him of his father
- whenever he eats Hungry Man dinners, he only eats the meat part and never the vegetables
- takes meticulous care of his lawn, owns 2 different mowers, one for coarse mowing, one for fine-tuning
- 360 degree turning radius, excellent yaw control
- when school is out, Mr. Brick can be found patrolling his yard, belting people in the stomach if they set foot on the fresh sod
- that St. Augustine really takes time to get firmly rooted
- sometimes Mr. Brick is late to work because he's out trimming his edges with a straight razor

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