- Moira was born and raised in Cloumbus, in a big off-white house full of rooms full of trash
- She works at the local old folks home, but they've been slowly cutting down her hours for a few years now
- Graduated class of '88 from the high school
- Every spring she brings some watermelon over to her mom's house but her teeth hurt whenever she eats any
- She knows that the doctor is probably sleeping with that younger nurse who has been gradually usurping her hours these past few years
- She lives in a small house between the graveyard and Barnwell, also close to the swamp and Barb's house
- Chills with Barb now and again but is always put off by Barb's incessant shit-talking
- When Randy was in town and was preaching in the woods, Moira thought the noise was due to an influx of narcotics being used by delinquents after school
- This was reported by Moira to the local news agency
- She didn't venture further than her porch until the dogs stopped barking

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