Loglegs' Lumber Mill

- currently abandoned historic lumber mill in bustling downtown Cloumbus
- founded initially as "Levi's Lumber Mill" by Levi Cloumbus Senior in 1850, it was passed down to his log-legged son Levi "Loglegs" Cloumbus Junior and rechristened "Logleg's Lumber Mill", enjoying modest success from 1958-1987
- Loglegs passed it down to Levi Cloumbus III, who just tanked it, I mean really botched it
- Its historical significance does not come from it's industrial or economic contributions to Cloumbus, but for its connection to cult porn classic "Ass-to-Ass"
- now used exclusively by Sid and his crew as a place to spook the narcs
- Rich Randy, Brundin Cloumbus, Danny Blampton, Franklin, Karen's Kids, and Larz "The Condor" Shartel all swear they've seen logs turn into legs
- People who aren't narcs like Doot and Wilbur Curtis know that a log is a log and a leg is a leg and don't get confused about dumb shit

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