Dr. Ken Tuggler

- "Dr." Ken Tuggler is 77 years old
- owns Tuggler and Son, a dentistry practice in the same plaza as the gas station
- sells/uses prescription pills on a legal/illegal basis
- is usually sedated
- usually hard (but also very dry)
- no one is sure where he came from
- purported to have won "most shady" as a high school superlative, but nobody is sure where or how long ago this happened
- hella rich
- barely literate anymore
- not a narc but is definitely a fascist
- actively pursued by the Cloumbus County sheriff's department for constant reports of public urination
- wants Cleetus's piss for reasons
- maintains beef with the town's only other accredited doctor, the innovative psychologist Jacques Mé
- however, this rivalry is one-sided, consisting mostly of Tuggler whispering to himself about the falsity of professor Mé's emphasis on the anal over the oral

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