- Terry's girlfriend, also a ghost probably
- Really looks like a ghost
- He's tried to break up with her like 3 times but she just calls him a few days later like hey do you wanna come to my kids soccer game right now and he'd be like yea
- He's like fine with it I guess
- Flat Sid and his Frank Zappa cover band played a gig at Karen's uncle's birthday barbecue when he was in middle school
- He played a lot of touch football, still dreams about it sometimes
- She and Terry would do a lot of fun things like go to events together and stand really far away from eachother
- Karen has 2 kids, Regis and Nathun
- Regis is the only person Flat Sid has ever punched in the face
- It was at the barbecue
- Regis told him Sid was gonna punch him in the face, so his training kicked in and he just nipped that one in the bud right there
- By that I mean he screamed real loud and just punched Regis in the face as hard as he could
- Nobody really seemed to notice
- Medium quality 'cue
- Chalky

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