Junkyard Sandpit

- A big sandy hole in the ground just out of sight behind the High School
- It's from when a loosely formed militia from the neighboring county blew a hole in the ground in the spot where stalwart Cloumbusians harbored a fugitive Benedict Arnold back in the olden days
- Now it's used by day as a trash dumping site for trash that is too big to haul all the way through the woods to Hemlock Ledge
- By night it's a great place to find wolves and see chumps wailing on smaller chumps, mostly on weekends since the only place to party is in the woods
- Has become a sort of informal arena of gladiatorial combat for the jocks and a pseudo-religious outdoor palace for rituals nerds use to cleanse themselves and make futile attempts to increase their powers
- Sid watched Danny Blampton bash Daniel in the neck with a piece of a garden hose down there for upwards of 20 minutes for having the gall to refer to himself as 'Danny' instead of 'Daniel'
- Some high schoolers believe that this incident is what caused Daniel's neck to look like a factory defect pipe cleaner, but it was like that long before the overexuberant Blampton got there

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