Heinous Andy

- One-time roommate of Chuck Flawless during Chuck's brief but illustrious tenure in Cracked Rocks
- Was probably Chuck's closest confidant
- It is rumored that Andy was present at the scene of Chuck's passing, but this is ambiguous as Andy always refuses to discuss what occurred
- Chuck's death probably fucked Andy up and was most likely a catalyst for lot of the crippling bowel problems that Andy now experiences on a daily basis
- Heinous Andy once slept on Sid's couch for like a week without his parents noticing at all
- Heinous Andy has to sleep on a lot of people's couches because he gets evicted like every week
- Sometimes Andy smells like old milk, sometimes he smells like old shoes
- Plays a lot of Skyrim, once listed Skyrim as his religion on a census conducted by the county
- Other than that he doesn't really do a lot of stuff, doesn't really go outside
- Claims an "ethnic heritage" but is very pale on account of never going outside
- Looks like a cave fish with a wig put on it
- Eats a lot of breakfast cereal
- Can see only with the aid of bright lights such as those found in LCD screens, or the sort of extremely powerful fluorescent lights that they use in factories with high ceilings
- A member of a relatively popular underground ring of ass pics
- Poor digestion, takes truly chemical shits
- Andy spends a third to a half of every day in the bathroom
- Smokes the spesh and is subject to the ire and abuse of Phenom as a result
- Hangs out with Danger Aaron a lot, especially in his van

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