"Big Dog" Lutz

- daytime janitor at Rip Van Winkle High School, where Sid and his friends go to school
- very monk-like in his sensibilities
- not a narc at all
- is obviously very wise but the things he says never make any sense
- Sid thinks he is cool and admires him in many ways
- he tries to talk to him but never gets any responses that make sense. Sid thinks that this only makes him even cooler
- Big guy, which is why they call him "big dog"
- has a very friarly look about him and also doesn't bathe
- mutters the word "frag" to himself a lot under his breath
- the kids don't know what it means. nobody but big dog Lutz really knows what "frag" means
- he yells strange things to himself sometimes but Sid and his friends think that it is really cool
- Sid and his friends adopt much of big dog's terminology in the hopes that they will one day be as genuinely cool as he is
- witnesses Chartwells and Ableton fucking each other like everyday but wishes that he didn't have to

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