- Franklin is Sid's only friend who is "normal" or "cool"
- Franklin's favorite game is called "storytime with Franklin"
- this is not what Franklin calls it but this is clearly what it is
- basically, Franklin tells Sid a lot of stories about "cool" and "normal" but clearly wack people from Sid's high school who Sid doesn't care about at all
- Sid listens to it because he's known Franklin since like 3rd grade even though that means nothing
- Sid low-key thinks Franklin is actually kind of wack
- Franklin is also kind of an asshole
- thinks Sid's other friends like Cleetus are all wack because they are not "cool"
- he gets Sid into parties sometimes but Sid always feels very alienated at house parties so he usually ends up walking home
- "normal" people like Franklin because they think he is rad
- but Franklin is literally such an asshole

too many words? try FIST LAD UNIVERSE

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