Erroneous Bunk

- Old school plumber who loves Jazz music
- Only licensed plumber in the entire county, a job which he resents because he would rather spend his life playing jazz
- Can barely get himself out of bed most mornings
- Very large man, ass crack runs well up into his upper back
- He is known to appear frequently in the basements of county residents without any advance warning under the pretense of "routine maintenance"
- Feels like his jazz "tells a story"
- His main instruments are the spoons and this thing he can do with his intestines
- He just grabs 'em and shakes 'em and they make this real loud noise
- When he does this, it sounds like a washing machine full of nickels
- Bunk once caught a glimpse of a neighborhood shut-in perusing what he believes to be the ass vault
- Hired to play a couple of times a month at various poolhall dives (both local and distant) under the pseudonym "Lil' Bigbeard"
- He recently self-published a book in equal parts dedicated to altissimo saxophone embouchure, astrological speculation, and self-help techniques, entitled "One Giant Squeak For Man"
- Family friend of Cleetus's parents
- Only place he buys food is in the gas station
- Dr. Dunsk won't go near him
- He is a single dad and has a son named Felonious Punk, who has recently been getting into trouble with the law
- Erronious Bunk is very concerned about him, and in the interests of being a good father in one of the few manners available to him, he is endeavoring to reaffirm his relationship with his son on the basis of instructing him in the clarinet

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