Dr. Dunsk

- employed at Tuggler and Son
- despite his official title of co-owner, Dr. Dunsk was largely screwed out of his share of the profits by the nefarious Tuggler
- only works nights
- not a narc
- Dunsk has been known to say that he knew Chuck
- only person in the entire county who knows more than one language
- well versed in the innovative theories of Jacques Mé
- spends a lot of time daydreaming about ways he might die
- thinks seriously at least once a day about killing himself
- has almost all the patients in town
- not the son of Tuggler in any sense of the term
- however, Dunsk is unclear as to whether Tuggler actually believes that he is his son
- seeing as Tuggler obviously does not have a lot in life, he doesn't want to take that away from him
- which is pretty nice of him in light of his less-than-gentle treatment at the hands of Tuggler
- unclear as to whether he is actually a certified medical doctor
- has grown somewhat close to Sid through his medical assistance with Sid's near-daily injuries
- has not taken/had a day off in 10 years
- place of residence is unknown, most likely sleeps underneath his desk
- nobody has ever tasted his 'cue, but it would probably be pitifully weak
- his favorite death fantasy involves being buried alive, but he also likes to think about drowning himself

meanwhile, on an adjacent plane of reality, it's FIST LAD UNIVERSE

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