- Drives a hella sweet candy-red Toyota MR2
- is in many respects the human version of a Toyota MR2
- chills hard on his front lawn while in a lawn chair
- loungewear made from only the choicest fabrics
- has a county-spanning reputation for trapping hard
- Doyle is always ready to give a narc a good whuppin
- known to chill with local porn emperor Davvus
- Despite the fact that neither Sid nor any of his friends have ever talked with him, the influence of Doyle can be found any place where 12 or more blunts are being smoked
- has a lot of raw sex and has purportedly done a lot of butt stuff in his time
- washes his sheets after every time he fucks and showers every day
- nobody knows what he does for a living, but he generates enough capital to support a modestly lavish lifestyle and multiple bad habits
- has expensive taste; enjoys the opulence that life has to offer
- chills in only the finest lawn chairs
- it is said that he used to have a mohawk but no one can say for sure whether this is true
- seems to have been loosely affiliated at some point in time with Chuck and the rest of the trailer park residents
- enjoys getting hammered at the lake
- drives drunk and often drives high as well
- grows some high-quality herb in his garden, but his operation is strictly low-profile
- said to be the source of the dankest herb circulating within county lines
- rumor has it that Doyle has made a deal with the devil
- the terms are unclear but it probably had something to do with weed
- always has blunt wraps
- lowkey fan of Christopher Daniels' whole operation
- refuses to smoke the Spesh, preferring more upscale brands such as Pyramid or Winston, as a matter of principle

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