Dog Tom

- A very dog-like man or possibly a very large and man-like dog
- Either way, he's right at the midpoint; like, he's covered in hair, but is also partially hairless
- Sagely aura
- Owns an enormous plowing rig, plows snow and salts driveways for a living
- Only has to work between the hours of 3am and 8am
- Very reputable and efficient worker, his plowing rig is immaculate
- Dog Tom hates narcs and fascists; strong believer in his right to do fuck-all he wants
- Dog Tom is rumored to have some sweet ass 'cue
- In possession of an ancient cursed dry rub recipe which is likely responsible for his impossibly high-caliber 'cue
- Hired consistently throughout the winter by citizens like Mr. Brick, Sid's Parents, and Barb
- Unknown what Dog Tom's summer activities are, has been speculated that he spends his summers in isolation attempting to refine his 'cue
- When Dog Tom calls some 'cue "five-alarm", you know it's at least five-alarm if not six
- Sought out by Sid during the events of Popeday in an attempt to track down Ruth
- This was because he is by far the most dog-like man within county lines and was thus the natural choice for thwarting the nefarious scheme of Pope Randy
- On good terms with the young Wilbur Curtis

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