Davvus Home Entertainment Enterprises

- Davvus Home Entertainment Enterprises is a Game-Changer in the adult film repackaging and distribution market
- located in the same desolate strip mall plaza as The Gas Station and is located directly beside the psychiatric practice of Jacques Mé
- Sid walks by Davvus like every day on his way to school
- Davvus' establishment is way too close to the high school for it to be ok
- carpet actually cleaner than that of The Cove
- largest collection of butt-stuff media in the tri-county area
- turned great sales last quarter on a game-changing adult film titled Ass-to-Ass
- sells sex toys too but not that many different kinds, largely just cheap dildos
- there are tons of 'dos in the window of the store which have been bleached to less vibrant colors by the harsh light of the sun
- there is also always the same gnarly purple strap-on dick
- there are booths in the back of the store frequented by characters ranging from Mr. Brick to Heinous Andy
- Davvus, the owner, is rumored to be good friends with Doyle
- it is often said that Davvus and Chuck go way back
- sometimes Davvus and Doyle have been spotted chillin together at the lake
- Davvus was something of a porn wunderkind himself in his younger days
- Flat Sid doesn't really see a reason to go inside Davvus Home Entertainment, but he has stolen 'dos from the dumpster out back to wave around at Rich Randy, who hates seeing dildos in real life

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