Danny Blampton

- coolest guy in Sid's high school
- always says his own name with an obscene amount of gusto
- from a long line of socially powerful Blamptons
- hella biddies trynna toss that dick around
- firm jawline; attractive in an in-your-face sort of way
- future narc
- oscillates between a six-pack and a four-pack
- wears glasses but doesn't need them
- thinks he looks good in sunglasses
- full of bullshit smalltalk and diminutive nicknames
- stuff along the lines of "champ" or "kiddo"
- refers to his house as Blampton Manor
- he holds lots of shitty house parties there that Sid goes to with Franklin
- drink of choice is Miller High Life
- claims to be able to trace his lineage back to Duke Blampton, best known for his involvement with horses
- Danny would never involve himself with horses in such a way
- uses the word "imbibe"
- a textbook herb

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