Danger Aaron

- Aaron lives in the trailer park and was there when Chuck was coming up
- Loves to climb trees and get rowdy
- Danger Aaron is the opposite of a narc
- He respected Chuck greatly and had a lot of faith in his rap career, chilled a lot with him in the weeks immediately preceding his tragic death
- Was most likely not present for Chuck's final moments
- He and Heinous Andy drive around in Aaron's van, which has no tires on it
- Together, they drink a lot of beer while posted up on various curbs throughout the county
- Primary source of income stems from scavenging in the junkyard for lawnmowers to refurbish
- Tends not to go to The Cove because he's not a narc and doesn't really like enclosed spaces other than his van
- No one knows what is in the back of Danger Aaron's van, but there is no shortage of believable theories
- Will sometimes smoke the spesh, especially when smoking with Andy; is the only smoker thereof currently on speaking terms with Phenom
- Occasionally seen entering the halls of Davvus's establishment

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