Cleetus' Parents

- Cleetus' Parents are a handsome pair
- something along the lines of two peas in a pod
- they are related to each other through Cleetus' Grandfather because he is their dad
- while it is true that they're siblings, they are also two people who genuinely care about each other
- actually one of the healthiest marriages that Sid has ever seen
- the fact that they were siblings didn't even really affect anything until they had Cleetus, who has multiple bodily "issues"
- Cleetus and his parents get along pretty well and even have a family game night every Friday
- live in a weird brown house near railroad tracks
- they dug a huge hole in the back yard for Cleetus to hang out in as a child
- Cleetus' dad uses propane to heat both his barbeque and his house
- modest 'cue, but is very humble about it; more on the hot dog side of things
- their house smells kind of raw all the time
- they also eat a lot of frozen food

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