Cleetus' Grandfather

- Cleetus' Grandfather was a war criminal responsible for the bodily obliteration of untold thousands
- father of both of Cleetus' parents
- entombed in a large stone mausoleum located in The Graveyard that no one goes near except Cleetus
- Cleetus masturbates behind it when he and his friends chill in The Graveyard
- it doesn't stem from any real bitterness on his part
- Cleetus is just horny a lot and he jacks his dick a lot because of that
- nobody really knows that these certain military atrocities were in fact committed by Cleetus' Grandfather
- this is because he managed to pass all the blame onto his hapless comrade-in-arms Levi "Loglegs" Cloumbus Junior, a man by no means innocent up to that point
- Toilet Jeff knows who the true criminals are
- but most of us never will

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