- Cleetus is inbred because of his parents
- his hair forms a small pancake on the top of his head which is surrounded on all sides by dry, bald skin
- is mostly bald but still has dandruff
- one eye points left, always
- slight limp; his gait vaguely resembles that of Ruth
- looks a lot like Ruth, like they could be siblings
- Cleetus refuses to go near Wilbur Curtis
- has one freaky toe so he always keeps his socks on
- also has a weird pinky that sort of looks like a toe
- chills with Sid behind the Gas Station, at the Toll Booths and the plaza containing Davvus and Benina's
- only rolls crooked L's and fiddly little joints
- always rolls with the spesh
- Cleetus and Sid spend a lot of time getting uncomfortably stoned and sipping 99 cent iced tea behind the gas station
- his favorite thing to eat is a Big Tex Cinnamon Bun
- Ken Tuggler thinks he's a girl
- his piss is relentlessly sought by Toilet Jeff
- has a sweet fort out behind his parents' hovel that he refers to as the shit shack, where he and Sid hang out a lot

meanwhile, on an adjacent plane of reality, it's FIST LAD UNIVERSE

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