Doyle's Lounge Hour

- It is customarily known in The Cove as "Doyle's Lounge Hour" when, as happens once in a blue moon, Doyle pays a visit to the establishment
- Once in a blue moon, Doyle rolls in already drunk to the bowling alley and starts up a tab
- Sure he'll take a couple shots at the pins, but mostly he's there to ball out and drink a lot of lite beer
- Doyle knows bowling is kind of a narc thing so he's not that into it
- Local dads go wild at Doyle's Lounge Hours
- Sometimes they kiss but not in a gay way
- Terry's usually in there somewhere
- After a few beers, most of the men just seem to want to talk about their fathers
- This is usually about the time when Doyle dips out for a little drunk driving and some time at the lake

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