Chuck Flawless

- Chuck died on April 4th 2014 in his home studio in the Cracked Rocks trailer park
- Professional amateur rapper
- Quit his day job a few weeks before his death to work full time on his rap career
- The only project to be published as a result of the brief and tumultuous period between this and his death was "Lostlessness"
- The album was never picked up by anyone outside of Cloumbus County, the only one who really listened to it was Sid
- Heinous Andy, Danger Aaron, and Doyle were present for most of the recording sessions
- Those who knew Chuck revere him to this day as a sort of latter-day saint, one perhaps too pure and good for this fallen world
- The young Phenom was impressed with Chuck's rap skills upon meeting him and subsequently moved to the county to continue the project in his wake
- The unwashed masses of Cloumbus County await Chuck's second coming, which is said to bring with it a final reckoning of the preterite and Chuck's leading of the elect to a distant land of milk and honey
- Was a frequent customer at the gas station
- An interview with Chuck was published by TMZ, wherein the interviewer proceeded to brutalize Chuck and scrutinize his rhymes, a traumatic event which ostensibly led to his final downward spiral
- Little is actually known of Chuck preceding the immediate period leading up to his death
- Though nobody knows the true circumstances of Chuck's death, it is rumored that Heinous Andy was present for it
- However, Andy will never consent to discuss the sequence of events, not even with Danger Aaron or Phenom

meanwhile, on an adjacent plane of reality, it's FIST LAD UNIVERSE

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