Christopher Daniels

- professional amateur wrestler
- at the helm of an extensive local public access television broadcasting empire
- Broadasts live every weeknight from the Cracked Rocks Trailer Park
- his project is the creation of a formal liturgical foundation upon which even the layman can develop a nostalgic and evangelical relationship with wrestling
- unfortunate piano enthusiast, ham-handed and clumsy with the keys
- can't play half as well as he can wrestle
- after graduating from a methodist collegiate institution outside of Kalamazoo, MI, Christopher Daniels kind of fell off the deep end
- that's when he came to Cloumbus and started wrestling himself and furiously broadcasting ragtime piano music into the ether
- Christopher Daniel's cocksure, rough-and-rowdy evangelism has won him the devoted viewership of many local perverts
- of course, nobody really admits to watching his show, but somehow it clocks in above the minimum viewership count for continued broadcast
- Danger Aaron and Heinous Andy are occasional guests on the program
- it has been suggested that Doyle is something of a closeted fan of the show himself

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