Chartwells & Ableton

- total nerds
- fuck each other all the time. found getting randy in the bathrooms of Rip Van Winkle High School pretty much on the daily
- might be the only people in the entire high school who are as ostracized as Sid and his friends
- Sid and his friends don't like Chartwells and Ableton
- but Chartwells and Ableton also don't like Sid and co. either
- Chartwells and Ableton always smell sort of like fecal matter
- probably because they fuck each other so much
- Rich Randy is fond of saying that he heard Chartwells and Ableton are into Ketamine
- Lutz catches them fucking each other multiple times a day
- literally on the bottom of Coach Brick's "Diddle List"
- have the world's tiniest peckers
- weenie lil peeters

too many words? try FIST LAD UNIVERSE

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