- basically the only girl who Sid is friends with
- this is because Sid doesn't actually know she's a girl
- Casey doesn't look particularly like a dude so one could foreseeably wonder why Sid thinks she is actually a dude
- Sid isn't sure but he just never really questioned it
- it works for him
- Casey is pretty cool but also thinks Sid's other friends are wack, except maybe Cleetus
- again, has long hair- nobody knows why Sid doesn't think she's a girl
- Sid has probably repressed in his mind the fact that she is a girl which is why he can actually talk to her
- girls make Sid really nervous which is why he chills with Casey (because he doesn't know she's a girl)
- Sid thought about making out with her once but only in the way you would make out with a friend of yours who is a guy

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