Brundin Cloumbus

- last surviving male Cloumbus
- embroiled in a generations-long blood feud with Cleetus' extended family,
- basically, Brundin's grandfather Levi "Loglegs" Cloumbus Junior totally threw Cleetus' Grandfather under the bus for a coupla war crimes way back when
- because of this, Cleetus used to pound him with rocks
- Brundin then won a small-claims lawsuit against Cleetus, and was granted a 50' restraining order
- when he showed up to school the next day, Cleetus followed him for an hour with a backpack full of rocks just HAMMERING the poor guy
- if anything, the lawsuit just made him more accurate
- Brundin wears a suit everywhere he goes
- 90°, 100°, whatever, he's got a black blazer and suit pants on with a big shirt and a small tie
- gets speeding tickets on purpose just so he can "go to court and practice" because he "wants to be a lawyer"
- is 16 years old and recently failed to get re-elected to the school board at Rip Van Winkle High School
- always has a wad of $100-$500 on him
- has never had a job
- if you ask him about it, he just says that he "collects money"
- his car smells like shit
- Derek told him that enough times that he felt pressured into buying a new car
- now his new car smells like shit, too

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