Ass To Ass

- an adult film where two buff dudes fuck each other in their asses with a large purple dildo
- the dildo is double-sided so both guys have it in their butts at once
- the video is basically them just slamming their asses together
- the cover says it won hella awards but it doesn't say which ones
- the flagship product of Davvus Home Entertainment Enterprises
- a Home Entertainment Game-Changer if there ever was one
- attracted a huge cult following, with shadowcast productions beginning to crop up in small counterculture-oriented venues across America
- Sid made Rich Randy watch it with him one time and Randy cried
- Randy still hasn't forgiven Sid for doing that
- Randy cried because not even once in the film do the men actually make eye contact with one another
- the countenances of both herculean musclemen are directed ever-outwards, each man thus remaining forever unknown to his partner
- rumored to be up for a Publitzer Prize within the coming year

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